Good Day! …New Screen Print

This handsome little man will both send you off in style 
and welcome you home with love, each time you pass 
that fancy front door of yours. Not sold on the front door? 
Try putting it in the master bath where he can greet you 
and yours throughout the day in any variety of hygiene 
oriented circumstances!

Wherever you decide, we know you’ll love him in your 
home just as much as we do in ours.


Good Day Art Print measures 9.5″ wide x 12.5″ tall.
Actual artwork measures 5″ wide x 7.75″ tall. 
2 Color Print, Dark Brown and Sage Green
On French Paper 100# Cover, Pure White 

Signed and Numbered 
Edition of 60

Head on over to the shop and pick yourself up one today!


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