Lose vs Loose! FREE Printable.


While I am no grammar pro, this is one error I think we can overcome.
Lose vs. Loose… Google it!!! Know the difference!!! Write/Post with care!!!!!!

LooseLose2-copyLooseLose Download it here!

Here’s how you can help:

Print it out!
Hang it in the home!
Hang it around the office!

Thank you for your assistance!!!

PS. Can one loose a lose tooth???



With all the bickering these days, I figured I needed a reminder to not let it creep into my own home! Lo and behold… the “BE NICE” print!!! Hang this lovely little reminder in your home and tie some string around your finger while your out and about! With a little effort, maybe we can all make a small step toward being the change we want to see in the world. BE NICE!!!


Be Nice  –  5X7 Print  –  Kraft
Be Nice  –  5X7 Print  –  Sage

Process videos can be viewed on Instagram @onthetrolley>>>