The Secret to Success!!???!!!!?!??!!

Could it be that skipping an old episode of Friends or Seinfeld
is all that stands between you and success!

You And Success PrintYou And Success Mockup

Whether it’s for you, your kids or some other lazy loved one
that needs the reminder, bring the message home with this
fun 8.5 x 11 print!

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Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!!!

“I see you winning a costume contest in your future…..”


Had some serious fun with this lady over the weekend, reading fortunes for all who would dare, and we took first place! YEEEEEE-HAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!

This was fun to make and here are all the plans….

Crystal Ball Costume:

3 pieces foam board – Dollar Store
1 Yellow presentation Cardboard – Michaels
Glue Gun
Black Fabric
Black Masking Tape
Paint Markers
Fortunes to Read (Google it!)

One changes to the plans in frame 1, the foam board came in 24 X 20 sheets so final size was 20×24 instead of 24×24



Let me know if you go for it!



Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!

Howdy Friends!
Step right up! Step right up!!! What we have here is a fantastic set of 10, COUNT’EM TEN,  Halloween masks!!! Perfect for the office, school yard, or just for walking around the house in your underwear.


Pick your favorite, print it, color it up, and can cut it out! (Don’t forget the eyes holes!) Then you can tie a string to it or just glue it to a stick… aaaaaand BOOM! IT’S HALLOWEEN AT ITS FINEST!!!


masks 2017 Poindexter

masks 2017 Geanine
masks 2017 El Guapo

masks2017_MrRobotomasks 2017 Mr Roboto

masks2017_FrankenCatmasks 2017 Franken Cat

masks2017_Udacornmasks 2017 Udacorn


masks2017_Beastmanmasks 2017 Beastman

masks 2017 Romeo

masks2017_Greekstermasks 2017 Greekster

“God, Bless Texas!”, a Buckaroo’s prayer.

texas1“God, Bless Texas!”, a buckaroo’s prayer.

God Bless Texas   texas3   texas4   texas5

I’ll be honest, its been a while since I broke out the screen printing supplies. So long in fact that the screen exploded half way through the project! Sooooo…. the second half of this one is a linocut. (It’s also been a while since I carved letters that small…ugh!) Despite the rust and the retrieval of screen print knowledge buried deep, Iv’e had fun and take comfort in knowing that it’s all for a good cause… This print is raising money for some lil’ buckaroos in Texas!

Some incredible friends of mine are raising money to help out an elementary school in Houston. They have received a list of needs from the principal, are renting a truck, and  filling it with all the items requested! Here’s where you and I come in… all the money raised from this print will go to the kids! I love knowing they’ll receive every penny, nobody will be taking a cut here, it all goes to the kiddoes!

So pick one up in the shop, hang it in your home, send it to a friend, however you use it,
know your purchase will be making a difference!

Rally the troops and tell your friends!

I’ll share any/all results here on the blog-o-site and on Instagram.

Stay Tuned!



With all the bickering these days, I figured I needed a reminder to not let it creep into my own home! Lo and behold… the “BE NICE” print!!! Hang this lovely little reminder in your home and tie some string around your finger while your out and about! With a little effort, maybe we can all make a small step toward being the change we want to see in the world. BE NICE!!!


Be Nice  –  5X7 Print  –  Kraft
Be Nice  –  5X7 Print  –  Sage

Process videos can be viewed on Instagram @onthetrolley>>>



Look at that kids! Hot off the press, the “Play Music on the Porch Day” print!!!


“Play Music on the Porch Day” print  2 color

“Play Music on the Porch Day” print  3 color

Play Music On The Porch Day 2016 is right around the corner! August 27th to be exact!!!
You don’t have to have overalls, or even a fatty mustache or beard…
just grab the noise maker of your choice and make some music!

ALSO… We blew our minds when we found some proofs from another print that
made for a fantastic background option! Another big, fat THANK YOU! to Emily @basecampprintingco for letting me make a mess of her shop and for digging
up the old proofs!

Both prints are in the shop, so join the party!
Pick up your favorite print and get out on that porch!!!