With all the bickering these days, I figured I needed a reminder to not let it creep into my own home! Lo and behold… the “BE NICE” print!!! Hang this lovely little reminder in your home and tie some string around your finger while your out and about! With a little effort, maybe we can all make a small step toward being the change we want to see in the world. BE NICE!!!


Be Nice  –  5X7 Print  –  Kraft
Be Nice  –  5X7 Print  –  Sage

Process videos can be viewed on Instagram @onthetrolley>>>



Look at that kids! Hot off the press, the “Play Music on the Porch Day” print!!!


“Play Music on the Porch Day” print  2 color

“Play Music on the Porch Day” print  3 color

Play Music On The Porch Day 2016 is right around the corner! August 27th to be exact!!!
You don’t have to have overalls, or even a fatty mustache or beard…
just grab the noise maker of your choice and make some music!

ALSO… We blew our minds when we found some proofs from another print that
made for a fantastic background option! Another big, fat THANK YOU! to Emily @basecampprintingco for letting me make a mess of her shop and for digging
up the old proofs!

Both prints are in the shop, so join the party!
Pick up your favorite print and get out on that porch!!!

Ten Prints In Ten Days!!! #Teninten

Ten in Ten  —  Ten prints in ten days! Talk about crazy!!!

ten in ten prints

Howdy Folks! This past few weeks I joined Emily of Base Camp Printing Co. (See her 10 in ten on Instagram: @basecampprintingco) in an attempt to produce 10 prints in 10 days. It was a wild ride and made for some late nights, but I couldn’t be happier with the body of work that came from it! All prints are available in the shop! Should you find one or two that you fancy,  just click on the title and it link you to the Etsy shop!

Also, a big “THANK YOU!!!”, to all that purchased a “Jorja Fiddle” print. Thanks to you, we were able to raise and donate $200.00 dollars for EHE cancer research. For more info, visit This organization is raising money for research into the type
of cancer that Jorja fought for so many years.

For you Instagram followers (@onthetrolley), be the first to answer these 3 questions and win a free #teninten print of your choice! (Not including the “Jorja Fiddle” Print as this is to raise money for EHE Cancer Research.)  Good Luck!!!

Question 1:   Where was Johnny Cash Born?
Question 2:   Who wrote the song Pistol Packin’ Mama?
Question 3:   Where can you donate money to help fight EHE?



Georgia Fiddle
1/10 – Jorja Fiddle
2/10 – Mockingbird
Rise and Shine Print
3/10 – Rise & Shine
Mountaineer Print
4/10 – Mountaineer
Johnny Cash Print
5/10 – In Cash We Trust
Ciao Bella Print
6/10 Ciao Bella
Stand Tall Print
7/10 – Stand Tall
N Narwhal Print
8/10 – Narwhal
Sleep Tight Print
9/10 – Sleep Tight
Pistol Packin' Mama Print
10/10 – Pistol Packin’ Mama


Georgia Fiddle!

For a good friend and a good cause!
Georgia Fiddle

GEORGIA FIDDLE PRINT  —  Available in the shop>>>
Whether you love a Georgia Fiddle or a Fiddler named Jorja
this 5×7 print is a doozy, and will work toward a good cause!

My good friend lost his sister Jorja to cancer and all sales of
this print will be donated in Jorja’s name to

This organization is raising money for research into the type
of cancer Jorja fought for so many years.

Thanks all!

Georgia Fiddle Print measures 5″ wide x 7″ tall.
Actual artwork measures 3.5″ wide x 5″ tall.
2 Color Print, A Dark Peach and Black
on Cover Weight, White Paper.

Each piece signed and numbered.

10 prints in this Edition.
Will print more as needed for the cause!


You come here often???

Pick up lines for Valentines… New-ish prints up in the shop!


SALT & PEPPER  —  10×13 Letterpress Print
Artwork: 4.25″ wide x 5″ tall.
2 Color Letterpress, Black and Red
Printed on Cranes Lettra 110# Cover,
Signed and Numbered Edition of 38



BUTTER MY BISCUIT  —  10×13 Letterpress Print
Artwork: 4.5″ wide x 6″ tall.
2 Color Letterpress, Black and Yellow
Printed on Cranes Lettra 110# Cover,
Signed and Numbered Edition of 34

I say new-ish as these were printed this past summer for a group show at Kin Ship Goods.
Now you can pick them up in the shop just in time for Valentines day!!!
We all have a love for food and bad pick up lines, right?

Click on over “to the shop!, to the shop!, to the shop!, shop, shop!”, and see more!!!

Step right up! Get your GIFT TAGS!!!

One last item for the Christmas season and we really quite like them!

And we hope you will too!!!


Letterpress Christmas Gift Tags complete with Bakers Twine.  
SET OF 6 (4.25″x 5.5″) YOUR PICK!

JOY TAG — 2.5″ X 4″

CHRISTMAS BEAR TAG — 2.5″ X 4.125″

HO HO HO TAG — 2.5″ X 5″


Printed one at a time on a Chandler & Price antique printing press.
Printed on Cranes Lettra 110# Fluorescent White in our finest Christmas Red
Hand lettered/illustrated design, ready for you to fill in the blanks.
Tags will come packaged in clear poly sleeve.


So head on over to the shop and send those christmas gifts out in style!

Pick some up today!!!

Christmas Cards! Hot Off the Press!!!!!

You voted ’em in and now they’re ready for the taking!
Get’em while they’re hot off the press!


In First place: A Merry VW Bug Christmas!

Tell your loved ones “Merry Christmas” with this VW Tree Getter!
You won’t even have to worry about the emissions,
we did the testing ourselves and it’s allllllllll clear!



In Second Place: HoHoHo! I Bought You Underwear!

Whether your actually planning to buy your loved ones underwear,
or just want to throw them a curve ball, this card has you “covered”!
So “cover” your tail and pick up your tighty-whitey cards today!



And in Third Place, Last but not Least: Fruitcake and Root Beer!

Who doesn’t love a little Fruitcake and Root Beer over the Holidays???
Share the news of this incredible combo with all of ‘yer loved’uns!
Let’s just say these cards are “cool, sweet and not afraid to embrace
their own whimsy.”



Pick your favorites up in the shop today!

All are Letterpress Printed on 130# Kraft Paper in White, Dark Brown and Green inks.
All are for sale in the shop both individually and in sets of 6!

Follow us @onthetrolley on Instagram for your Holiday Discount Code for 20% off through Monday!

Happy Holidays!!!