“God, Bless Texas!”, a Buckaroo’s prayer.

texas1“God, Bless Texas!”, a buckaroo’s prayer.

God Bless Texas   texas3   texas4   texas5

I’ll be honest, its been a while since I broke out the screen printing supplies. So long in fact that the screen exploded half way through the project! Sooooo…. the second half of this one is a linocut. (It’s also been a while since I carved letters that small…ugh!) Despite the rust and the retrieval of screen print knowledge buried deep, Iv’e had fun and take comfort in knowing that it’s all for a good cause… This print is raising money for some lil’ buckaroos in Texas!

Some incredible friends of mine are raising money to help out an elementary school in Houston. They have received a list of needs from the principal, are renting a truck, and  filling it with all the items requested! Here’s where you and I come in… all the money raised from this print will go to the kids! I love knowing they’ll receive every penny, nobody will be taking a cut here, it all goes to the kiddoes!

So pick one up in the shop, hang it in your home, send it to a friend, however you use it,
know your purchase will be making a difference!

Rally the troops and tell your friends!

I’ll share any/all results here on the blog-o-site and on Instagram.

Stay Tuned!