Corn Dog Print


Who doesn’t love the golden crust of the crispy, state fair corn dog?
You know you want one!

They get the best of us, as we mosey on down the dusty state fair
trail, sizing up the carnies and there ring toss game and wondering,
if this is the year that you just might have the stuff  to bring home
the giant stuffed bear that so many have longed to one day call
their own.

But as you stand there, contemplating your opportunity to seize
the day, the sweet smell of fair food passes by in the breeze…
hook…line…aaaaand sinker! Suddenly you realize, you can forgoe
the coveted bear…………… the CORNDOGS ARE A CALLIN’!!!

Can’t you taste it now…Slathered in Ketchup and Moose-tard!

Not at the fair? None in the freezer?
Never you fear!

Bring all the excitement of the State Fair Corn Dog home today
with this fun 11 x 14 print!

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