Ladies & Gentleman, Roxy Marj!

roxy_BC  roxy_BC_crop

When a friend says, “Hey, print my Business Card!”, what can you say other than “Sure Thing!”. Designed by Miss Roxy Marj herself, this oversized card is sure to please in both look and feel! Be sure to check out her blog as it’s full of awesomeness and dont miss the shop as it’s filled with many delightful prints.

Should you find yourself in need of a Business Card, give it the love it deserves and contact On The Trolley today! Send us a note and we’ll get you a quote!

On The Trolley Prints

On occasion, we do find a little time to make some art like items of our own.
The following are some linocuts that were, carved and printed with all the
love and tenderness our little hands could muster. Enjoy!

PS: Keep your eyes peeled for the On The Trolley Shop coming soon!!!


Year of the Rabbit  —  8.25″ X 6.25″ Linocut


Sleeping Hound  —  8″ X 8″ Linocut

More Announcements!

Scarlet Announcement     Charlie Announcement

Here are a few more On The Trolley Birth Announcements worthy of display!
The Scarlet Announcement features a blind hit (printing w/o ink), creating a soft, diamond background pattern. Top it off with a beautiful sewn on photo and you’ve got one classy keepsake announcement.  The Charlie Announcement on the other hand follows a comic book/superhero theme that is sure to put a smile on your face! A two color print with an overlap that creates the illusion of a 3rd color in the city skyline.

Whatever you fancy, Should you find yourself in need of an announcement of any sort, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

The Christening

That’s right folks, this was the first print to come off the On The Trolley Press!

A three color screen/letterpress print on Cranes Lettra 110 lb. Ecru.

We rolled up our sleeves and screenprinted the pink, then it was off to the races on our trusty C&P Platen Press. First printed was the lovely background paisley pattern, followed by the black that shadows the name and the scalloped border. The final product was something to behold!

If’n you have a bun in the oven and like what you see, let us know how we can help!

Get On The Trolley!

Welcome to On The Trolley, an ongoing, awesomely exciting (If”n we don’t say
so ourselves!), creative-like, adventure. Yes, On The Trolley  is a labor of love for
all things design, illustration and the likes. On The Trolley is also home to an
ever so charming 10×15 Chandler & Price letterpress. So tune in often as we roll
out the latest projects that are sure to tickle your fancy!

On that note, should you find yourself in need of a Wedding Invitation, Birth
Announcement or maybe you’re just giving the trusty ol’ Business Card a little
more love, get “On The Trolley” and drop us a line.


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